Signature training & education programs

Healthcare is a fast-paced industry that requires ongoing comprehensive training programs on the latest techniques and tips


  • Medtronic Academy
  • Simulator trainings
  • Fellowship programs
  • Proctorships 
  • Stepwise peer to peer training programs
  • Hybrid training programs 
  • Advanced courses on the latest technologies
  • Value based outcomes focused programs
  • Patient pathway optimization 
  • Team approach trainings 
  • Masterclasses


  • Improve quality of care
  • Improve employee retention
  • Improve patient satisfaction 
  • Enhancing the depth and breadth of healthcare services
  • Increasing opportunities to attract patients 
  • Establishing regional training hubs
  • Attracting skilled staff
  • Increasing efficiencies and improving reimbursements
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Arctic front procedure ​

Optimization course​

Course overview​

This course is designed to help healthcare teams implement CryoballoonTM workflow efficiencies to improve their EP lab  throughput, shorten waiting lists, and improve their quality of care.​

There must be a minimum of two participants from each hospital  and a maximum of four total participants per course. The course is  designed for electrophysiologists (EP), cardiac physiologists and  nurses, Cath-lab managers, and hospital management.​

Course learning objectives​

  • Observe the procedural and peri-procedural efficiencies that can  be implemented to perform up to eight Cryoballoon™ procedures  per day in one EP lab​
  • Discuss relevant efficiency challenges that healthcare  professionals can face and how learnings from the course can  help address them​
  • Review the latest evidence supporting Cryoballoon™ clinical  efficacy, safety, and associated efficiency gains​

Needs addressed:


Visiting Surgeon Program (VSP)​

Medtronic  VSP is “train the surgeon coordinating” program by coordination and planning of surgeons’ visits and trainings by bariatric  expert surgeons in existing centers With this program local centers are targeting to increase trained surgeons in local centers to reduce waiting time and increase number of patients​.

VSP is a focused learning and training exercise by targeting : ​
  • Positive impact on  the public healthcare as having more centers providing treatments in the remote cities relieve most of the burden of long waiting list in the HUBs / tertiary centers of the MOH which is coming from remote centers by referral due to lack of expertise

  • Credibility & trust increases patients’ flow coming to remote cities’ centers​

  • Less waiting time for surgery as it could be scheduled timely unlike the main public healthcare hubs / tertiary centers which have long backlogs waiting for their surgeries to be provided

We are partnering with public hospitals for a win-win-win situation:​
  • We are running the programs to treat more patients incrementally in rural/remote cities/areas​

  • Improving surgeons’ skills using our latest technologies and collaboration with top experts in the region within the bariatric surgery field

  • Trained surgeons are learning and applying in their operation on their own patients as the program is a progressive learning experience in their own environment using their own resources

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