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Our clinical research activities are designed to help you manage, analyze and report clinical data to improve your patients' outcomes.

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External Research Program

The Medtronic External Research Program supports a global network of investigator - initiated research projects in the spirit of advancing medical and scientific knowledge. Focusing on the discovery, development and cultivation of cutting - edge therapies and diagnostics, the program fosters investigative research with the goal of improving the quality of patient care and clinical outcomes.

Medtronic evaluates each external research program submission for, among other factors, scientific merit, strategic interest, and degree of new scientific and clinical evidence. The investigator is responsible for conducting the study and assuring the validity of the study data. The investigator, and/or investigator’s institution, also assumes the roles and responsibilities of the study sponsor, including compliance of all regulatory requirements. Medtronic receives many requests for support of external research program proposals and as a result, not all submissions can be supported.

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One Hospital ClinicalService (OHCS)

One Hospital ClinicalService (OHCS) is a Medical Care Quality Improvement Program (MCQI) aiming to improve clinical practice, therapy knowledge & enhance patient care.

OHCS is provided to the Hospitals to help in the management of patients treated with Medtronic therapies. The service helps to optimize Medtronic therapies to improve patient’s outcome in clinical practice. 

Our team will analyse your data and provide periodic reports with site or patient level information. In addition we can offer tailored reports designed upon individual request.

What can we measure

Patient Data & Clinical Outcomes

  • Medical history
  • Surgical interventions
  • Pharmacological therapy
  • Therapy indications
  • Clinically relevant events
  • Compliance insights (therapy guidelines)

Economic Outcomes

  • Time to diagnosis
  • Number of tests per patient
  • Diagnostic yield
  • Patient satisfaction
  • Hospitalization duration
  • Optimal patient pathway insights

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StatisticalService aims to support in the statistical analysis of patients’ pseudo-anonymous retrospective data in order to increase knowledge of applied therapies and to improve patients care and therapy.

  • Organize your database in a suitable format
  • Search for inconsistent data handling of missing data
  • Determine the best methods to analyze
  • Search patterns to help make decisions
  • Provide statistical reports (background, methods, results)
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