Get Ready® - Remote patient management for truly connected care

Get Ready®

Remote patient management solution for truly connected care. 

Get Ready® is a digital, remote patient management solution that aims to optimize the entire care pathway, from waiting list to post-intervention follow-up.

Our digital solution connects patients and clinical team for better coordination and management, and by leveraging our extensive knowledge library of questionnaires and protocols based on KOL input and literature guidelines, it helps you optimise and improve the entire patient journey across a variety of diseases and use cases.



Get Ready® is based on three core components to maximise value for patients, healthcare professionals and hospitals:

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Digital platform connecting patients and clinical team for better coordination and management.





Therapy-specific knowledge

Extensive knowledge base and clinical protocols across many therapies.





Pathway digitalization and optimization 

Support of an experienced consulting team in the implementation of efficient and patient-centred pathways.


Get Ready® solution enables: 






Our multi-channel platform (web, mobile, SMS) allows patients to register symptoms and enter vital-sign measurements. Care teams can monitor patients remotely and identify, as early as possible, any deterioration in the patient's health status.






Patients receive relevant and engaging content and guidance at different stages of their treatment.






Patients can communicate with their care teams via secure in-app messaging, share letters and lab results, and report on completed activities and tasks.


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Our solution is secure, scalable and easy to deploy  





Fully GDPR compliant

European Union general data protection regulation





Interoperable and integrable

Fully connected with hospital information systems (IHS)






Software-as-a-Service (Saas)

No prior installation required

A multitherapy solution 



Cardiovascular therapies


Get Ready® for the remote management of cardiovascular patients aims to optimize the entire care pathway. It helps you manage your patients and monitor their risk while they are waiting for their intervention. In addition, once scheduled, you can remotely manage their preparation and follow-up. The solution is tailored to your needs and configured to address your specific challenges.

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Get Ready video explaining our remote patient management solution for cardiovascular therapies.
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Get Ready® works across many cardiovascular therapies:
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Cardiac procedures

  • Surgical Aortic Valve  Replacement (SAVR)
  • Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)​
  • Valve Surgery, incl. Mitral valve
  • Transcatheter Aortic  Valve Implantation (TAVI)​
  • Percutaneous Coronary Intervention (PCI) and Elective angiography


Cardiac Rhythm




Bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery is a journey.                      
Get Ready® helps patients and care teams along the way.


Bariatric departments can face multiple challenges, including:

  • Reliably tracking where each patient is along the care pathway
  • Ensuring patients are getting the right information at the right time
  • Engaging patients in their own long-term care
  • Enabling safe, early discharge that would free up hospital capacity


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Obesity is complex. It needs a continous treatment and follow up way before and after surgery to achieve great outcomes.

- Bariatric surgeon
The Get Ready® digital solution enables healthcare teams to keep patients living with obesity engaged on their treatment pathways from the safety of their homes, thereby maximising hospital capacity. 

Key Benefits:

  • More efficient patient preparation
  • More empowered patients
  • More presonalized care for each patient
  • More connected patient communication
  • Accelerated safe discharge
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Are you ready for truly connected bariatric care in your hospital?

Cancer therapies

Our remote patient management solution Get Ready® helps hospitals and healthcare professionals remotely manage their colorectal and lung cancer patients throughout their entire care pathway. The solution enables improved patient engagement and increased adherence, collects patient reported outcomes (PROMs), and allows teams to rapidly address clinical deterioration. 

With Get Ready® hospitals and healthcare professionals can:

  • Improve the patient experience and patients’ ability to self-manage
  • Address patents’ anxiety linked to the treatment process
  • Improve treatment outcomes



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Neurosurgery departments are struggling with two key challenges:
  • Lack of a systemised approach to spinal treatment & recovery and the need to improve efficacy and health outcomes for patients suffering from spinal diseases
  • Inability to reduce patients’ length of stay while ensuring care continuity and safety
Get Ready® helps hospitals and healthcare professionals optimise patient's treatment by:
  • Guiding and supporting patients remotely before and after procedure
  • Enhancing patients' discharge after a procedure
  • Standardising medical practices and protocols
Our solution can be applied to the following neurosurgery therapies:               
  • Spine​
  • Painstimulation
  • Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis
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Proven results. Best practices.

Medtronic Integrated Health Solutions (IHS) has implemented Get Ready® in the neurosurgery department of the Amiens University Hospital. Our digital solution has made it possible to:





Shorten patient hospital length of stay from 5.6 days to 4.3 days





Increase their spine surgery same-day admission rate by 33%





Move to Enhanced Recovery Pathway for spine





Improve patient satisfaction

Our partnership with Medtronic was our biggest asset toward implementing same-day discharge and Enhanced Recovery Pathway.

- Prof. Lefranc - Neurosurgeon, Amiens University Hospital



More therapies


Our solution can be also applied to the following therapies:

  • Pelvic
  • Ear, Nose & Throat  (SRRP)​

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