Successful day surgery pathway

Creating a day surgery playbook to implement for NHS England.

Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS 

London, the United Kingdom

With increasing demand on health systems from COVID-19 and other challenges, Blackpool NHS Teaching Hospitals was looking for a way to increase bed capacity by implementing a day-surgery pathway for vaginal hysterectomies (VH). 

In so doing, they also wanted to create a playbook that includes tools and guidelines to help other trusts make the same transition. 

Implementing VH as day surgery can help: 

  • Increase capacity & efficiency 
  • Improve outcomes
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Optimize application of innovative surgical technologies
  • And more


Female surgeon operating on patient in an operating room





Learn how we helped Blackpool Teaching Hospital create a playbook for unleashing bed capacity by moving to a day-surgery pathway for VH. 


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