Patient-centric Cardiolounge

A modern Cardiolounge for same-day discharge delivers value.


Copenhagen, Denmark

The hospital aspired to handle an increasing number of patients with existing resources, come up with solutions to support same-day discharge, create an environment that makes patients feel less hospitalized, and support value-based healthcare (outcome and value for the patient at the lowest possible cost). These challenges have been addressed by constructing an innovative and patient-centric Cardiolounge. 

  • Higher satisfaction and autonomy for patients and relatives
  • Faster convalescence
  • Minimized disruption of private and professional life by increasing same-day discharge








Freed up 5 clinical ward beds





Average €500 cost saving per case





Optimization of work and patient flow




I was so worried before coming to the hospital for my procedure, but the Cardiolounge setting is very welcoming, and the relaxing atmosphere calms me down.

– Feedback from a patient







Learn more about how IHS supported same-day discharge (SDD) and helped put patients at ease by constructing a Cardiolounge.


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