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Cardiac Ablation for Non-AF Arrhythmias


Medtronic diagnostic catheters are single-use catheters designed to map and pace cardiac tissues during ablation procedures. With a wide portfolio offering, they include multi-curve options and lateral deflection features to address the needs of diverse anatomies.

  • Single-use catheters
  • Available in a variety of curvature and sizing options
  • Lateral deflection features to address needs of diverse anatomies


Soloist Quadrapolar Fixed-Curve Catheters

Soloist diagnostic catheter

The Soloist™ catheters have three curve options with different shapes, flexibilities and reaches for varying heart anatomies. There are also several electrode-spacing options.

Stablemapr Duodecapolar Steerable Catheter

Stablemapr SM diagnostic catheter

The StableMapr™ catheter's multi-curve technology provides variable curve sizes and reach in one catheter. Active tip-straightening provides the ability to push the curve past straight position in non-primary direction. The Stablemapr catheter is available in two shaft stiffness options.

Torqr 5 FR/ Torqr 6 FR Quadrapolar Fixed-Curve Catheters

Torqr 5FR/6FR diagnostic catheters

The Torqr™ catheters come in variable curve shapes for advancement and tip placement. They can accommodate different anatomies and are available in 5 Fr or 6 Fr shaft sizes.

Torqr CS Fixed-Curve Decapolar Catheter

Torqr CS diagnostic catheter

The Torqr™ CS catheter has a curved shape for ostium access and advancement into the coronary sinus and is designed to minimize branch wandering. It also has a 5 Fr proximal and distal braided shaft.

Marinr CS Steerable Decapolar Catheter

Marinr CS diagnostic catheter

The Marinr™ CS catheter is a steerable coronary sinus catheter with a deflectable tip with a 55 mm reach for advancement into the coronary sinus. It has a 7 Fr braided proximal shaft and 10 electrodes which offer a range of mapping locations.

MARINR MC and MCXL Steerable Catheters

Marinr MC and MCXL catheters

The Marinr™ MC and MCXL catheters have multi-curve technology that provides variable curve sizes and reach in one catheter. Lateral deflection may increase maneuverability within the heart. The side-to-side tip rotation may aid placement in varied anatomies. The catheters have 2-5-2 quadripolar electrode spacing.

Marinr SC Steerable Quadrapolar Catheter

The Marinr SC catheter has one control knob and tension control locks the tip in place.

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