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Affinity Fusion™

Oxygenation System


Designed by Perfusionists.
Engineered by Medtronic.

The Affinity Fusion™ oxygenation system’s design is based on input from more than 500 perfusionists worldwide. Thoughtfully engineered from inlet to outlet, the Affinity Fusion™ oxygenation system takes a fundamentally different design approach:

  • Proactive air handling
  • Hemocompatibility
  • Improved flexibility
  • Integrated arterial filter
  • Expanded heat exchanger and gas transfer capabilities

Product details: Affinity Fusion™ Oxygenation System

Both oxygenator and reservoir device have:

  • Blood-contacting materials made from BPA* - and DEHP-free polymers
  • 1 to 7 L/min flow rate
  • Low system priming volume
  • Biocompatible surface coatings

Oxygenator available in:

Cardiotomy/venous reservoir available in:

*Sampling manifold is not BPA free.

Pet heat exchanger

Safe. Effective. Environmentally Friendly.

The higher density structure of the Affinity Fusion™ polyethylene terephthalate (PET) heat exchanger provides improved chemical resistance with a low permeability factor when compared to lower density plastics such as polyurethane or TPU*.

PET heat exchanger features and benefits:

  • Resistant to chemical migration
  • Durable to withstand the surrounding environment
  • Small tube design of capillaries increases heat exchange performance
  • Decreases prime volume
  • Enables device incineration

*Testing performed at a water side concentration of 330 PPM over the course of 6 hours. Fusion N=10, Inspire N=3, Maquet N=3. All testing ran at 37C with blood side flow rate of 4.5 lpm. Medtronic data on file.

pdf Download The Power Of Plastic Brochure (.pdf)

Learn more about the PET Heat Exchanger.

Our commitment to quality

Commitment to quality is a way of life at Medtronic. See one patient’s story.

Affinity Fusion Oxygenation System Quality Video - (02:32)

Learn more about the quality built in to the Affinity Fusion System and hear one patient's story.
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Oxygenator Features

Cardiotomy/Venous Reservoir Features

  • Integrated arterial filter
  • 25 µm filtration
  • 260 mL prime
  • Enhanced gas transfer
  • Plastic heat exchanger (PET)
  • Recirculation and cardioplegia ports
  • ½" quick-connect water ports
  • Ambidextrous design
  • BPA-free plastic
  • Clear housing
  • Volume-displacing leur caps
  • Built-in temp probe sleeve
  • 1-7 L/min flow
  • Balance™ biosurface
  • Cortiva™ BioActive surface
  • 4500 mL capacity
  • 360-degree rotating venous inlet
  • Curved venous inlet with 2 angled luer ports
  • Built-in temperature probe sleeve
  • 360-degree rotating cardiotomy inlet 
    with 4 luer ports
  • 2 nonfiltered luer ports
  • Antifoam in venous and cardiotomy filters
  • Pressure relief valve
  • VAVD ready
  • BPA-free plastic*
  • Removable sampling manifold
  • Clear housing
  • 1-7 L/min flow
  • 200 mL @7 L/min minimum operating level
  • Balance™ biosurface

*Sampling manifold is not BPA-free

Affinity Fusion™ Oxygenation System specifications


 Membrane type

Microporous polypropylene hollow fiber

Membrane surface area


Heat exchange surface material

Polyethylene terephthalate (PET)

Static priming volume

260 mL

Recommended blood flow rate

1-7 L/min

Maximum water side pressure

30 psi

Maximum blood pressure

750 mm Hg

Arterial outlet port


Venous inlet port


Arterial sample port

Female luer port

Recirculation port


Cardioplegia port


Gas inlet port

1/4" nonbarbed

Gas outlet port

3/8" nonbarbed

Water ports

1/2" quick disconnects


25 µm


Cardiotomy/Venous Reservoir

Reservoir volume capacity

4500 ml

Recommended blood flow rate

1-7 L/min

Maximum cardiotomy flow rate

6 L/min

Minimum operating level

200 mL at 7L/min

Cardiotomy filtration

30 µm

Venous screen

105 µm

Venous inlet, rotatable

1/2" with 3/8" adapter

Venous reservoir outlet


Vent/VAVD port

1/4" nonbarbed

Cardiotomy port (4)


Cardiotomy port (1)


Prime port

1/4" nonbarbed

Recirculation port


Filtered luer lock ports


Non-filtered luer lock ports


Venous luer lock ports


Positive pressure relief valve crack

<5 mm Hg

Vacuum pressure relief valve crack

>100 mm Hg average


Ordering information

Affinity Fusion™ Oxygenation Systems


Product Description



Oxygenator with integrated arterial filter with Cortiva™ bioactive surface and cardiotomy/venous reservoir with Balance biosurface



Oxygenator with integrated arterial filter and cardiotomy/venous reservoir with Balance™ biosurface




Oxygenator with integrated arterial filter and Cortiva™ bioactive surface



Oxygenator with integrated arterial filter and Balance™ biosurface



Affinity Fusion™ Accessories and Holders

Model #

Product Description



Affinity™ orbit holder system



Temperature probe



Affinity™ manifold holder



Recirculation line



Manuals and technical guides

Instructions for Use

Find this technical manual in the product labeling supplied with each device.


Balance is a trademark of Medtronic, Inc. Technology licensed under agreement from BioInteractions, United Kingdom.