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Profile 3D™

Annuloplasty System

The Profile 3D Annuloplasty Ring is a fully rigid remodeling ring with a physiologic mitral valve shape. It can be used to treat functional mitral valve diseases, such as ischemic mitral regurgitation and dilated cardiomyopathy.
We designed the Profile 3D™ Rigid Annuloplasty Ring, using a sophisticated computerized anatomical model. The result? A fully rigid remodeling ring with a unique asymmetrical 3D design based on scientific evidence, engineered to maintain the anterior and posterior dimensions of the mitral annulus
Profile 3d natural shape image
profile 3d implant image

A natural sadle shape 

The mitral annulus is a dynamic saddle-shaped structure with the maximum height of the saddle in the middle of the annulus’s anterior part and another rise along the posterior leaflet1.

Shape based on human anatomic consideration

The Profile 3D™ ring design provides a 25% anterior curvature and 15% posterior curvature1.


Precise and predictable implant

Its knit fabric and titanium/silicone core enable confident, secure suturing.



A fully rigid remodeling ring with a physiologic mitral valve shape

The Profile 3D Mitral Annuloplasty Ring is Developed with Drs. J.Gorman, R.Gorman, M.Acker and J.Bavaria at HUP (The Hospitals at the University of Pennsylvania), based upon significant scientific evidence to offer:

  • Rigid annular remodeling
  • Unique asymmetrical 3D ring design (nonplanar)
  • 25% AHCWR (Annular height-to-commissural width ratio) anterior, 15% AHCWR posterior
  • Shape based on human anatomic considerations
  • Polyester knit covering titanium / silicone core
  • 9 sizes, ranging from 24 to 40 to meet various surgical needs

Salgo I, Gorman J, Gorman R, et al. Effect of annular shap on leaflet curvature in reducing mitral leaflet stress. Circulation. 2002;106:711-7