React™ Aspiration Catheters for Acute Ischemic Stroke


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The React™ 68 catheter and the React™ 71 catheter feature a coil and braid design along with end-to-end nitinol construction - easing navigation to the M1 and M2 segments. Combined with the Riptide™ aspiration system, these catheters are designed to revascularise patients experiencing acute ischemic stroke.

At Medtronic, we’re constantly innovating to expand options for treatment in the fight against acute ischemic stroke (AIS). We provide solutions like the React™ 68 and React™ 71 catheters to empower the expertise of our physician partners and enable them to treat their AIS patients.

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See how React’s durable, end-to-end Nitinol construction and combined COil + BRAid design help treat AIS patients.

Cobra technology

coil and braid

React™ catheters feature an overlapping construction of a Nitinol COil + BRAid with variable stiffness. This unique design provides the ultimate combination of navigability, pushability and durability for aspiration therapy first-line approach or Solitaire™  thrombectomy + aspiration therapy.

of a coil

The coil technology (one continuous coil through entire catheter length) offers exceptional navigability1,2, past the ophthalmic artery and M1 segment.

Pushability of a brand

The braid technology offers optimal pushability1,2, thus greater support in tortuous anatomy and elongated vessels.

Durability of Nitinol

Using nitinol tip-to-tip (both coil and braid) enables the device to maintain its shape, therefore, providing superior durability when performing more than 1 pass.1,2


Acute Ischemic Stroke Portfolio

Comprehensive. Compatible.

Acute Ischemic Stroke Portfolio

Our Acute Ischemic Stroke (AIS) portfolio offers comprehensive, compatible solutions that give your patients a better chance to walk away from AIS.



The React™ 68 catheter and React™ 71 catheter are indicated for the introduction of interventional devices into the peripheral and neuro vasculature.

The React™ 68 catheter and React™ 71 catheter are also indicated for the removal/aspiration of emboli and thrombi from selected blood vessels in the arterial system, including the neurovasculature.

Important: Always refer to the Instructions For Use (IFU) packaged with the product/e-IFU for complete instructions, indications, contraindications, warnings, and precautions. 



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Available CFNs

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