Personal stories TDD therapy for severe spasticity

Life with MS

Frank's story

Since having the Targeted drug delivery pump placed, Frank no longer has to deal with the burden of taking oral medications four times every day, and his calves don't tighten up as much. Today, he is able to maintain his focus, allowing him to be more productive in his career as an engineering project manager.

Life after a stroke

Ed's story

In 2003, Ed sustained a stroke. He experienced severe spasticity in his left arm and leg. "It was like having a constant charley horse," recalls Ed. When Ed's doctor suggested TDD Therapy, Ed was receptive.

Mary's story

"After all those months of therapy, my physical therapist told me the motion I'd achieved was probably as good as it was going to get," recalls Mary. "She told me to be happy with it and move on. But I couldn't leave it at that. I expected more from life, and more from myself."

Life with cerebral palsy

Kyle's story

After starting TDD Therapy, Kyle didn't have to fight spasticity in his muscles in order to comfortably sit in a chair for long periods, and his mother said he had more control over his legs. Eight months after receiving the pump, he went skiing for the first time.