The Medtronic Foundation - Project 6


Aligned with Our Mission, Global in Our Commitment

The Medtronic Foundation focuses on expanding access to healthcare for the underserved worldwide and supporting healthy communities where we live and give.

Making the world a healthier place is a lofty goal, especially when barriers to accessing affordable, quality healthcare exist everywhere. But it’s a goal Medtronic takes very seriously. Through the Medtronic Foundation, and our partners and programs, we endeavor to address diverse needs in different parts of the world by:

  • Expanding and improving healthcare access, especially in underserved communities.
  • Enabling patients with chronic illnesses to manage their conditions and use their "extra life" to advocate for others in need.
  • Encouraging every one of Medtronic’s 85,000 passionate and generous employees to donate time, skills, and resources to our Foundation-sponsored programs in their communities.

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