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inclusion, diversity & equity

Zero barriers to equity 

Inclusion, diversity, and equity play a critical role in driving our competitiveness, bringing more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation.

Inclusion, diversity, and equity (ID&E) play a critical role in driving our competitiveness, bringing more creativity, better decision-making, and enhanced innovation. This helps ensure our lifesaving technologies reach more patients around the world.

Our unwavering commitment to ID&E means working toward zero barriers to opportunity. It also means promoting a culture where all employees feel they belong, are respected, and feel valued for who they are. We know equity reaches beyond our workplace, and we take an active role in addressing systemic inequities in our communities.

Our Mission is behind our relentless push for equity. For 60 years and counting, it has inspired us to do the extraordinary to improve human welfare.

We are creating a future that requires all our strengths — including our 95,000-plus employees, our buying power, and our influence as a leading healthcare technology company — to advance equity in our workplace, our industry, and our communities.

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We are taking bold actions to ingrain inclusion, diversity, and equity even deeper into our company’s DNA. Ultimately, we believe it will lead to more innovation and creativity that will help us alleviate pain, restore health, and extend life for even more people around the world.”


Dr. Sally Saba, Medtronic Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer

Dr. Sally Saba

MARCH 2022

Learn what changes Medtronic is making to build diversity, improve equity & encourage inclusion

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We believe every individual plays a critical role in developing an inclusive workplace, recognising different dimensions of diversity, and adopting a mindset that ID&E is for everyone. That is why we are shifting responsibility to business leaders, tying compensation and advancement to ID&E goals and measuring meaningful local outcomes.

ID&E is not a “program” at Medtronic or the sole responsibility of human resources — it’s a clear business strategy for sustainable growth in a global landscape. We are making changes to help ingrain ID&E into our day-to-day work, including doubling down on inclusive education for managers, mitigating bias in our talent programs, creating leading development programs for diverse talent, and expanding equitable workforce policies. In short, we want ID&E to be part of how we do business.

We are committed to creating meaningful change and a more equitable future in our industry and our communities. Our diverse supplier base drives sustainable economic change in communities with every contract signed and every job created. We focus on increasing gender and ethnic diversity in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and providing pathways for diverse recruitment and employment. New partnerships supercharge our efforts, from working with the Thurgood Marshall College Fund to the OneTen and the Multiple Pathways initiatives. Further, we take an active role in reducing healthcare disparities both in terms of care and care outcomes. Meaningful action combined with leading technology — that’s how we help people achieve healthier lives.

See details of our ID&E progress in our Annual Report.

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