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Putting patients first

every single life

Committed to putting patients front and center, we are going the extra mile to improve health for as many people as possible.

You are unique. Your healthcare should be too. Not only in having access to the tailored care and healthcare technologies that you need, but also by getting the best possible treatment, support and information. In everything we do, we are creating lasting impact for patients.

Engineering for people

When ordinary is extraordinary

Stories of engineering solutions that helped people reclaim the moments they cherish.

Data & AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) in our insulin pumps is helping to simplify and optimize diabetes management. Listen to the story of five people with type 1 diabetes who pushed back the limits once imposed by their diabetes, thanks to their technology innovation.

Story of five people with type 1 diabetes


How ground-breaking miniaturized healthcare technology creates better outcomes. Listen to Graham’s and Marga’s stories, who do not even notice their small Micra pacemaker is there, when exercising again.

Graham’s and Marga’s stories

Engineering for people

Life-transforming technology

Stories of engineering solutions that helped people to get the tailored care for their needs.

Personalized care

Advances in big data, technology and digitization are helping doctors tailor treatment to patients like never before. Listen to Nick’s story who is living with personalized deep brain stimulation therapy.

Nick’s story

Connected care

Healthcare technology that connects people to give them more freedom and confidence. Listen to Pamela and Jeffrey's stories, who are both using an app on their phones to connect with their pacemaker care teams in the hospital.

Pamela’s and Jeffrey’s stories