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Micratm the leadless pacemaker

So your heart doesn't miss a beat

Micra™ is the world’s smallest pacemaker1 and is 93% smaller than traditional pacemakers2 (about the size of a large vitamin capsule).

It is a leadless pacemaker, and completely self-contained within the heart, providing the therapy you need without the visible reminder of a traditional pacemaker.

The Micra™ design and implanting procedure can mean fewer complications, fewer post-implant activity restrictions, and reduced obstruction to shoulder movement.3

93% smaller


Unlike a standard pacemaker, Micra™ is implanted into the heart through a vein in your groin and does not require a lead

Micra™’s miniaturised size and minimally invasive approach leaves no visible sign of a medical device under the skin.


Watch what people say about Micra™

MicraTM Patient Story: Tim - (01:52)

MicraTM Patient Story: Mekaela - (06:44)

Micra™ Patient Story: Graham - (03:05)

Watch this video to find out how Micra™ is designed to get you back to your everyday quicker.


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Micra™ is intended for patients with specifc pacing needs. Ask your doctor if Micra™ is an option for you.

This information is designed to help you learn more about pacemakers options. It is for your informational use only and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment in any manner. Speak to your doctor for more information and any questions specific to your health and treatment.


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