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A flexible Charging experience to fit your life

The Activa™ RC Recharger is here to help you get more of your life back with a recharging experience that’s faster*, smarter, and more flexible - that enhances your therapy journey.

Take charge

of your dystonia with the Medtronic ActivaTM RC neurostimulator and recharger.

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Your DBS system is comprised of leads (wires) and lead extensions, wires that carry electrical signals to precise areas of your brain as determined by the programming of your neurostimulator.

Infographic showing lead placement for deep brain stimulation

Now you're In charge

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A helpful Companion

The exclusive Medtronic Recharger Companion App offers you an easy way to access information and controls during your charge.

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  • Progress toward completion
  • Controls, including volume
  • Charge speed and temperature controls

Activa patient programmer


  • Wireless mobility while charging
  • Recharger can be charged empty to full in less than 3 hours*

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What is Medtronic DBS?

Like a pacemaker for the heart, a neurostimulator continuously produces electrical impulses that are sent to the brain to block or regulate abnormal brain messages that cause some of the movement symptoms of dystonia.

infographic showing over 175,000 medtronic dbs devices implanted worldwide

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Patients who had long charge times with INSR (due to a tilt, implant depth, and other challenges) have the opportunity to experience improvement with the wireless recharger.1

Use of the Recharger Application is optional. Wireless Recharger will function normally without use of the optional application.

WR9200 Recharger for rechargeable implantable neurostimulators Patient User Guide M979222A001 Rev A 2019.


Number of unique patients implanted (i.e “new patients”) as of January 2020.


Wireless Recharger (WR9200) Relative Performance vs. INSR Substantiation Report, NDHF1530-190868, section 4.4.

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