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Vascular Society Annual Scientific Meeting INFORMATION AT YOUR FINGERTIPS


Further, together

During this challenging time, we are committed to continuing to educate and support healthcare professionals. We recognise that many are dealing with increasing complexities of workflow and may be busy supporting efforts to contain and treat Covid-19.

As needs evolve, we will continue to work with healthcare providers to navigate this new landscape and ensure that we go Further, Together.


topic one

treatment of varicose veins in the covid era

Vascular webinar session 1

Session 1: Revive and Reinvent Your Vein Service in a Covid World

Vascular webinar session 2

Session 2: Revival and Evolution of the Modern Vein Service

VenaSealTM: Making Your Venous Practice Agile in the Covid Era

Watch the video to hear from Mr Tahir Hussain, Consultant Vascular Surgeon Northwick Park Hospital, about how VenaSealTM helped him to continue treatment for vein disease during Covid-19.

Take a fresh look At varicose vein treatment

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topic two

Covid-19 Aortic TASK force 

Medtronic COVID-19 Aortic Task force

Navigating change, Together.

Medtronic TASK force acronym


During the COVID-19 pandemic, Medtronic has created its Aortic TASK force to support physicians. We have a range of resources available, from digital education, remote sizing and planning support and flexible inventory support.

topic three

Introducing SmartPlan - supporting physicians and their expertise with EVAR sizing and planning



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Designed to give you – and your endovascular team – additional technical expertise when sizing and planning cases. SmartPlan ensures  an efficient patient-to-procedure workflow, while safeguarding your patients’ data. 

topic four

Cyanoacrylate endorsed by NICE for use in the treatment of Varicose Veins

VenaSeal Closure System

VenasealTM closure system

Learn more about the Venaseal closure system longer term 5 year data and how the technology relates to NICE Interventional Procedures Guidance 670 Standard Arrangements on cyanoacrylate glue occlusion for varicose veins



See our full superficial portfolio and help your patients find relief from chronic venous insufficiency.

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topic five

See the latest data on Sac Regression with Endurant II/IIs

latest data on sac regression

see clinical data
Sac regression animation


Latest clinical signals suggest aneurysm sac regression is associated with better long-term outcomes.

See the data and how Endurant II/IIs addresses sac regression

you can address aneurysm sac regression

Why sac regression?

  • Sac regression is defined by the SVS as the reduction in maximum diameter of the aneurysm sac by > 5 mm.1
  • Latest clinical signals suggest aneurysm sac regression is associated with better long-term outcomes.2

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See the features and benefits of the Endurant II/IIs system in action.

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topic six

Vascular Embolization portfolio

Vascular embolization portfolio

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Vascular embolization portfolio image


Medtronic offers an advanced and versatile portfolio of embolization technologies, the breadth of which enables physicians to treat a wide variety of patients and adapt to their individual needs

Topic seven

Abre Clinical Study – 12 month data now available

ABRE clinical study 12-month data

AbreTM Venous Self-expanding Stent System

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Topic 8

REVAR toolkit – helping with the treatment of ruptured abdominal aortic aneurysm (rAAA)

REVAR Tool Kit

Get the toolkit
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Through collaborating with physicians, Medtronic has created several tools to serve as a resource to assist in the structuring of a rupture program at your institution.

Download the toolkit or watch a series of webinars focusing on important aspects of rAAA.


Ahn SS, Rutherford RB, Johnston KW, et al. Reporting standards for infrarenal endovascular abdominal aortic aneurysm repair. Ad Hoc Committee for Standardized Reporting Practices in Vascular Surgery of The Society for Vascular Surgery/International Society for Cardiovascular Surgery. J Vasc Surg. February 1997;25(2):405-410.


O’Donnell TFX, Deery SE, Boitano LT, et al. Aneurysm sac failure to regress after endovascular aneurysm repair is associated with lower long-term survival. J Vasc Surg. February 2019;69(2):414-422.

See the device manual for detailed information regarding the instructions for use, the implant procedure, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential adverse events. If using an MRI Sure ScanTM device, see the MRI SureScanTM technical manual before performing an MRI. For further information, contact your local Medtronic representative and/or consult the Medtronic webisite at

For applicable products, consult instructions for use on Manuals can be viewed using a current verision of any major internet browser. For best results use Adobe Acrobat Reader® with the browser.

The data and content included in these presentations express only the clinical perspective of the presenter. They are completely independent and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Medtronic.