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Treatment Options for Cervical Herniated Discs

Cervical Herniated Discs

If you have a cervical herniated disc, chances are you can alleviate the symptoms with exercise, medication, or other nonsurgical options. If this doesn’t work, surgery may be right for you. Although spinal fusion is common, Medtronic’s Prestige® Cervical Disc offers an alternative that can help maintain range of motion in your neck.

Although it's a normal part of the aging process, degenerative spinal conditions, such as a herniated disc, can cause neck pain and other symptoms. Fortunately, there are a variety of treatment options, such as artificial disc replacement, that help provide relief and keep you active.

Conservative Care

Not all patients with neck pain require surgery. In fact, more than 95% find symptom relief through non-surgical therapies such as exercise, medication, physical therapy, and chiropractic care.

Spinal Fusion Surgery

Traditionally, a procedure called a spinal fusion has been the gold standard for surgically treating degenerative conditions in the cervical spine. Using bone grafts and instrumentation such as metal plates and screws, this procedure fuses, or creates a bond between, two or more adjacent vertebrae. This will ideally stabilize the spine and provide pain relief.

Many patients have achieved excellent results with spinal fusion. However, a potential disadvantage associated with this type of spine surgery is the loss of motion and flexibility in the treated vertebral segment.

Artificial Disc Replacement

An artificial disc offers an alternative to spinal fusion. An artificial disc is designed to maintain motion and flexibility while replacing a diseased disc that is removed from a patient’s neck. Medtronic’s Prestige Cervical Disc has a 2-piece ball-and-trough configuration designed to allow for movement at the treated level.

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