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Benefits and Risks – Maxillary Antrostomy

Sinus Infections

Remember to ask your doctor for details about the benefits and risks of this surgery.


The greatest benefit of a maxillary antrostomy operation is that you’ll probably be able to breathe more freely and hopefully have fewer sinus infections. Like other FESS procedures, it’s usually minimally invasive and you may be able go home the same day. FESS is generally associated with a lower risk of infection and faster recovery than traditional sinus surgery.


No surgery is 100% safe, because there is always the risk from anaesthesia and possible infection. Although rare, other risks do exist with this procedure. They include injury to the eye, injury to your tear ducts, excess tear production, and nose bleeds.

Patients with multiple health issues may have more risks. Be sure to ask your doctor about potential complications from your procedure.

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