Meet The Innovators Meaningful Innovation

Talented. Insightful. Dedicated.

Medtronic employees drive meaningful innovation. Their expertise and dedication to continual advancement drives our success. Meet some of our distinguished innovators.


Meet Xin Tang

Xin Tang is the Director of Research, Technology and Clinical Affairs at the Medtronic Technology Center in China. She leads a team providing expertise in biology, material sciences, modeling and simulation, human-centered design, as well as pre-clinical and clinical research.


Meet Chantal McMahon

The Data Science Product Development Manager talks about the big questions — and big opportunities — in big data.


Meet William Harding

As a member of the Medtronic Healthcare Innovation Team and a Distinguished Technical Fellow, William is a valuable R&D leader and mentor to young innovators. But he attributes his empathy to his experience as a patient, which enhances his ability to create.

Meet Amanda Miranda

Meet Amanda Miranda

After six years away from the workforce, Amanda Miranda returned to the engineering field through a Medtronic hiring initiative called Careers 2.0. Inspired by the time she spent in hospitals with her son Johnathon, who passed away from congenital heart disease, Amanda brings the patient perspective to her work as a product design engineer in Tempe, Arizona.

Meet Bijan Elahi

Meet Bijan Elahi

Bijan is passionate about safety and risk management. He understands that managing risk improves quality. Learn how he approaches his work and improves the work of others. 

Meet Bret Hauser

Meet Bret Hauser

Bret is a Senior Principal Research and Development Engineer focused on surgical drilling. He brings an unwavering commitment to solving problems in ways that benefit patients. Learn more about him.