Vaginal Hysterectomy

Innovational ideas to facilitate bloodless and day case vaginal hysterectomy procedures

Vaginal Hysterectomy by Professor Féderic Kridelka - (11:40)

View a step-by-step approach to vaginal hysterectomy using the LigaSure™ curved jaw open sealer/divider.
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pdf Vaginal Hysterectomy VS. Open Abdominal Hysterectomy (.pdf)

Take a look at the LigaSure™ curved jaw device – powered by the Valleylab™ LS10 energy platform designed to perform vaginal hysterectomies.

pdf LigaSure™ Curved Jaw Info Sheet (.pdf)

Take a look at the LigaSure™ curved jaw product information.

pdf V-Loc™ Wound Closure Device for Gynecology (.pdf)

Learn more about V-Loc™ and how to save time and money in gynecology procedures.


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