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The city I am looking for isn't listed. How can I get information?
If you live in the USA, please call the Medtronic Patient Services Department at
1-800-551-5544 or use this link to submit your question on-line. Click here for more information about contacting various offices outside the US. This site is continuously updated with additional clinics, so please check back with future travel plans.
There are many different implantable cardiac devices. How do I know the clinic I select can help me with my specific device?
The Medtronic CareLink® Programmer is the programmer for all Medtronic devices, no matter where you are in the world. It doesn't matter how long your device has been implanted or where it was implanted. Medtronic can help you anywhere in the world. In the listing of clinics, please look for the appropriate symbol to determine if a particular clinic follows your device.
What is the Medtronic CareLink Programmer?
The Medtronic CareLink Programmer is used to monitor and adjust Medtronic cardiac devices during a comprehensive device check-up.
Do I need an appointment?
Yes, as with most medical facilities please call in advance. If this is an emergency, call 911 or your local emergency medical services.
Are there any travel hints for a person with an implanted medical device?
For information regarding traveling with a pacemaker, click here.
For information regarding traveling with a defibrillator, click here.
For information regarding traveling with a CRT device, click here.
I am a health care provider, and the clinic where I work is not listed. How do I get my clinic listed on this site?
To register your clinic on this site, please contact your Medtronic representative for more information.
How do I contact someone at Medtronic to find out more information about this Traveling website?
Use this link to make a suggestion or ask a question regarding the Medtronic Traveling website.

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