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Inspecting your insulin battery cap

Assessing your MiniMed™ 600 series and/or MiniMed™ 700 series insulin pump battery cap for damage.

This page will guide you through an inspection of the battery cap on your MiniMed™ 600 series and/or MiniMed™ 700 series insulin pump to determine if your battery cap has been damaged. You should examine the battery cap each time you replace the battery. The video animations and written instruction should be referenced to determine potential damage. Once you have determined if your battery cap is damaged or undamaged, please continue to the bottom of the page to request a replacement battery cap if damaged.

Before you begin:

  • Do not remove the battery cap unless you have a new battery available. If you have a spare battery cap, ensure it is available nearby.

  • Please refer to the letter sent from Medtronic for detailed information on the battery cap assessment process. This instruction is for demonstration purposes only.

The battery cap can be found on the top of the pump where the AA battery compartment is located.

Remove the battery cap from the pump. You may use the bottom edge of the pump clip or a coin to loosen the cap. Then remove the cap and flip it over.

Check the metal contacts on your battery cap to see if they are loose, damaged, or missing.

The metal contact should be held in place by three raised, round, black, plastic dots, pictured here. To check if the metal contact and dots are intact or damaged, you may lightly rub your finger over top of each of the dots to feel if they are securely in place.

Closely examine the dots. If the metal contact and dots are in place, you may continue to use this battery cap. Continue to monitor the cap for damage during each battery replacement.

If any of the dots move, or if the metal contact moves, you have a damaged battery cap and it should be replaced.

If the metal contact is missing, or fewer than 3 of the raised dots can be seen, you have a damaged battery cap.

If the battery cap contact is damaged or you are unsure if it is damaged, immediately replace it with a spare cap that you may have received, and discard the damaged cap. If you do not have a spare cap, stop using your pump and revert to a back-up plan per your healthcare provider’s recommendations. Click on the button below to request a replacement battery cap online, or contact Medtronic Technical Support at 1-800 284-4416 Option 1.