Closeup of woman wearing insulin pump around thigh.

Comfortably Close

Keep your pump close around leg, waist, or chest with a soft body pouch.

Covered and Discreet

Wear your pump on your waist with a stylish case and get the perfect incognito look.

Closeup of man wearing an insulin plump clipped to his waistband.

Easy Everyday

Use the clip that comes with your pump to clip to your waistband or belt or place it in your pocket.

Showing the five color options for insulin pump cases: white, pink, blue, purple, and black.


Express yourself with our colourful collection.


With our selection of cases and clips, there are plenty of ways to wear your insulin pump. You can attach your pump to your waistband or belt, protect it in your pocket, or even clip it under your clothing to stay discreet.

Our cases and clips come in several different colours and fabrics, from black to pink and from leather to soft neoprene. Choose a case or clip that lets you wear your pump the way you want and lets you express your personal style.

Pump in Pump Skin
Pump Pouch


Soft belts and pouches can be sized for the perfect fit and give you a comfortable way to keep your pump close and concealed. Belts and pouches can be worn around different parts of your body – whether on your waist, leg, thigh or arm – and keep pump discreet under your clothes.

Body pouches are great options to wear your pump under formal wear or dresses, when sleeping or even when working out.

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