The Benefits are Clear

With the Go Clear Award™* program 

Thanks to our partnership with AORN, we’ve made it easy for you to implement a comprehensive smoke-evacuation program. Participants in the Go Clear Award™* program qualify for:

  • Helpful tools to raise awareness about the dangers of surgical smoke
  • Support for facilities that want to implement technologies to remove and filter surgical smoke
  • Rewards for hospitals that successfully complete the program

Las Vegas Hospital Goes Clear. Earns Gold.

Centennial Hills Hospital earned a gold award from the Go Clear Award™* program for their commitment to protecting patients and staff from the dangers of surgical smoke. Jeff Belcher, director of surgery at Centennial Hills, shared his thoughts on the program: 

“I wanted to tell everybody we understand. We recognize this. And it’s the reason why we’re implementing our smoke evacuation policy. We’re fixing the problem.” He goes on to say, “It definitely gives me peace of mind, because again, that’s what I’m taught, safety is number one.”

Don't Expose Yourself to Surgical Smoke

Join the campaign to protect healthcare workers and patients from the potentially dangerous toxins in surgical smoke.

Let's work together to create a surgical-smoke evacuation program — to keep patients and the perioperative team safe. Need help securing leadership support, developing the business case, or performing a gap analysis? We can help. Schedule a free consultation.

The Dangers are Clear. So is the solution.

Be clear about the health advantages smoke evacuation can give your hospital. Our portfolio of smoke evacuation solutions can help protect surgeons, healthcare workers, and patients from the dangerous toxins in surgical smoke.