Covidien LP, doing business as Covidien (“Covidien”) and formally known as Tyco Healthcare Group LP, has received approval from various states to participate in a direct payment process for purposes of remitting use tax on purchases made. As a result, Covidien will be responsible for calculating, accruing, and remitting applicable use tax directly to the states identified below on our own behalf. To further clarify, we will self assess use tax due on purchases from your company that will be shipped to the states for which a certificate has been included herein.

For your records, please use the below links to access copies of the direct pay permits issued to Covidien. These paper documents may be applicable during your future interactions with state and local governments. Please use the permits contained under the “Covidien LP” section for all purchases entered into on and after September 29, 2012. For purchases entered into prior to September 29, 2012, please access the applicable state certificate contained under the “Tyco Healthcare Group LP” section.

Direct Pay Permits by State