Leading innovation in ablation therapies

The Cool-tip™ RF ablation system is designed to address the need for an alternative to surgery when treating lesions.

Unique Cool-tip™ electrodes internally circulate chilled water, cooling the tissue adjacent to the exposed electrode to maximize energy deposition and eliminate tissue charring resulting in decreased treatment time and controlled ablation volume.

The Cool-tip™ RF ablation switching controller allows up to three electrodes to be used simultaneously to ablate larger volumes of tissue or create multiple, separate ablations in one cycle.


Cool-tip™ RF Ablation Generator

  • Exclusive feedback algorithm continuously monitors tissue impedance, automatically adjusting output to maximize energy delivery
  • 200-watt power source pulses energy delivery, generating larger ablation volumes
  • Thermocouple at electrode tip monitors tissue temperature. Once the treatment cycle is complete, the electrode may be repositioned to measure ablation zone temperature
  • Automated cycle decreases treatment time – successful tissue ablation is typically achieved in 16 minutes
  • LCD status window provides user-friendly feedback during setup and operation

Cool-tip™ RF Ablation Switching Controller

  • Use three electrode simultaneously to ablate a larger lesion
    • Create a 6 cm diameter lesion in 16 minutes
    • Full generator output delivered to each electrode
  • Create multiple, separate lesions simultaneously
    • Determine lesion size by using 3 or 4 cm exposed tip
    • Create up to three lesions in one ablation cycle
  • Automatic power management based on impedance changes
Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
CTRF117 Cool-tip™ RF System Each 1
CTSWCONTROL Cool-tip™ Switching Controller Each 1
RTGSWRV2.00 Real-Time Graphics Software V2.00 Each 1
UC8009 Base Cart for Universal Mounting System Each 1
UC8010 Optional Cart Overshelf Each 1
UC8011 Optional Cord Management Kit (2 Brackets) Each 1
UC8012 Optional Drawer Each 1
UC8013 Optional Suspended Shelf Each 1
Characteristics & Requirements
Generator Output: 0-200 watts, 480 kHz
Display Parameters: Impedance, current, power, time, and temperature
Safety Parameters: Impedance: <25 ohms; >1000 ohms; Temperature cutoff: <10°C; >99°C

Order Information