Optimized performance1,2,†,‡ 
and flexibility1,§ 
in one system.

The Spacemaker™ Pro access and dissector system complements a soft tissue mechanical portfolio adaptable1 to your specific hernia repair needs.

For optimal efficiencies,1,2,3,§ you need optimized tools that are flexible to the needs of hernia repair and your patients.

The Spacemaker™ Pro system provides surgeons with an all-in-one access and dissector solution for inguinal and abdominal wall repair. The system is optimized for access, dissection, and efficiency1,2,§ so you can worry less about device performance and keep your focus on patient care.

With a uniquely integrated solution that includes tailored, clear cannulas and anatomic balloons, Spacemaker™ Pro devices improve access,1,§ enhance visualization,1,2,† and create the desired space1,2 for your procedures. And with five total device combinations, the system provides you with a level of choice that saves steps in the OR1,2,3,§,Ω while adapting to your surgical technique.1

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The Spacemaker™ Pro device's uniquely‡,§ integrated access and dissector system provides easier one-time access to the surgical space,1,§ allowing you optimized access‡,§ with our all-in-one dissection kit.

Its included low-profile 5 mm optical trocars offer the ability to operate in small spaces.2,§ It’s a system designed with convenience for both the surgeon and the patient.


You can literally see the difference Spacemaker™ Pro devices make during hernia repair. With anatomic balloons and clear, tailored cannulas, the system enhances visualization1,2,† and creates the desired space for each of your procedures.1,2

Choose between oval and cylindrical balloon options to best fit your case and enjoy the confidence of a system that facilitates insertion and full balloon deployment.1,2 With the ability to adapt the system to your procedural needs,1 you can rest assured that you have the right tools for the job.


Efficiency is paramount in your OR. The integrated Spacemaker™ Pro access and dissection solution saves you procedural steps.1,2,Ω

With the option to use as a system or separately, you can depend on Spacemaker™ Pro to adapt to your unique surgical technique.1 This variety of choice also provides benefits beyond the procedure, as it reduces product codes by up to 50 percent.4,§

With optimized access, dissection, and efficiency,1,2,†,‡ the Spacemaker™ Pro system is a hernia repair solution tailored to your needs.

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†Compared to Spacemaker™ Plus device.
‡Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.
§Compared to Spacemaker™ Plus device or PDB distention balloons. Spacemaker™ Pro enhances visualization and creates desired space with new anatomic balloons and clear cannulas; tailored cannulas facilitate full balloon deployment.
ΩCompared to PDB distention balloons;trocar does not need to be reinserted or repositioned.


1.  Based on internal test report #RE00010041 Spacemaker™ Pro device design verification. April 2015. Bench test data may not be indicative of clinical performance.
2.  Based on internal test report #R2165–050, design verification: Articulation angle engineering. March 2014.
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4.  Compared to Spacemaker™ Plus device or PDB distention balloons.