Picture the power of the cloud — access your studies anywhere, anytime†‡1

The PillCam™ remote reading platform provides a secure platform for uploading PillCam™ capsule endoscopy platform studies to a convenient, cloud based, environment for remote reading, documenting treatment recommendations, and report creation.

The PillCam™ remote reading platform is designed to support the PillCam™ capsule endoscopy platform. A solution for organizations with multiple hospitals or clinic locations, and also for situations where providers need easy access to their PillCam™ capsule endoscopy platform studies.


PillCam™ remote reading platform study flow:

  1. A patient study is downloaded onto the local computer C:/ drive or network drive.
  2. PillCam™ remote reading platform synchronization agent de-identifies and assigns a randomized study ID, and pushes the study to the AWS cloud.
  3. Study is accessed via URL and the referenced study ID.The provider reviews the report and sends it back to the practice or unit.
  4. The provider reviews the report and sends it back to the practice or unit.
  5. The synchronization agent re-identifies the study and stores it in the original study location on the local desktop or network location.

The secure platform solution —


Harnessing the power of the cloud in one simplified software

The PillCam™ remote reading platform is run using the Medtronic Cloud Services platform, and can be accessed using a web browser by any authorized and registered user with an internet connection. The software includes:

  • PillCam™ cloud sync — a local agent that enables users to securely upload de-identified studies for review and download analysis results.
  • PillCam™ web software for remote reading — enables the reading clinician to easily manage, review and analyze studies, generate, sign and send out a final report.

Privacy statement

Committed to continuous innovation

PillCam™ remote reading platform is compatible with existing PillCam capsule endoscopy platform products.

  • † See IFU for minimum requirements.

  • ‡ PillCam Cloud Reader Software is currently under regulatory review with FDA.

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