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MAHURKAR™* Elite 12 Fr dual lumen catheters and MAHURKAR™* Elite 12.5 Fr triple lumen catheters consistently achieve flow rates up to 400 mL/min.([FOOTNOTE=Design verification (50136-155-MS-11, 50136-156-MS-11, 50136-157-MS-11)],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])  The MAHURKAR™* Elite 13.5 Fr high flow dual lumen catheter is an optimal high flow catheter that consistently achieves flow rates up to 450mL/min.1

  • Bench-top testing shows symmetrical tip design minimizes recirculation rates to < 1% in forward and reverse flows1
  • Shaft softens at least 54%1 post-insertion for vessel conformity and patient comfort
  • Large Double-D™* lumen design and modified Double-D™* lumen design maximize the internal diameter to provide equal and consistent flow rates with lower arterial pressures
  • Large laser-cut side slots provide smooth edges to decrease the likelihood of debris attachment and clot formation as well as reduces the likelihood for vessel wall occlusion([FOOTNOTE=Design validation (50136-172-MS-11)],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Soft, green, atraumatic tip designed to reduce likelihood of vessel trauma in situ.([FOOTNOTE=Data on file],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Reinforced hub minimizes kinking in difficult vasculature.1
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Safety Statement

MAHURKAR™* Elite Triple Lumen Catheter

Intended for short-term central venous access for hemodialysis, apheresis, infusion, central venous pressure monitoring, and pressure injection of contrast media. The maximum infusion rate is 5 ml/sec for power injection of contrast media.  

MAHURKAR™* Elite Dual Lumen Catheter

Intended for short-term central venous access for hemodialysis, apheresis, and infusion.

MAHURKAR™* Elite Dual Lumen and Triple Lumen Catheters

Remove the catheter as soon as it is no longer needed and for femoral inserted catheters they should not be implanted longer than three to four days maximum per KDOQI guidelines. Do not use catheter in thrombosed vessels or for subclavian puncture when a ventilator is in use. 

See the device manual for detailed information regarding the implant procedure, indications, contraindications, warnings, precautions, and potential complications/adverse events.

  • MAHURKAR™* is a U.S. registered trademark of Sakharam D. Mahurkar, used under license.