Touch Surgery™

The first AI-powered surgical video and analytics platform for the OR

Studies show surgical video analysis can improve surgeon performance1†

And yet, the technology to record, access, and analyze surgical videos has fallen behind that growing consensus. Today's solutions are often effort intensive, not secure, and make it difficult to extract insights.

Touch Surgery™ Enterprise now makes it easy to connect your OR to the cloud so you can seamlessly record and upload your video, securely grow your library and uncover new insights.

†Based on a RCT in a porcine model.

Simplifying the workflow to record and analyze surgical video

  • Automatically uploads surgical videos without the need for USB drives, DVDs or encrypted drives
  • Minimal footprint with a plug-and-play set up
  • Compatible with most laparoscopic or surgical robotic systems

Pushing security above and beyond industry standards

  • Proprietary RedactOR™ technology automatically blurs video outside the body so patient and staff privacy is preserved
  • Unlimited storage is available on a secure cloud provided by AWS
  • Secure cloud storage conforms to GDPR, HIPAA & HITECH and is audited against SOC2 Type II Standards
Animation shows RedactOR™ in action

Making it easy to navigate within and across your videos

  • Add annotations during or after surgery to create a rich case record
  • Jump to a key procedural step using your added annotations
  • Filter using custom tags to easily search your library

Transforming video into actionable insights*

  • Video is automatically segmented into key procedural steps using our AI algorithms
  • Benchmark your case to identify best practices by comparing a single case against a bank of your historical cases
  • Power your conversation with data by receiving cross-departmental reports to illustrate variation in technique
*PLEASE NOTE: Analytics available for select procedures in select countries.

A new way of coaching in the OR

Hear more from one of our customers.

Encouraging best practice sharing to advance techniques

  • Keep a video in your library
    "My case tomorrow reminds me of one from a few weeks back. I'll go back and review that one to prepare."
  • Share with an individual
    "This afternoon you're supporting my case. I'd like you to review my video so you're ready to assist."
  • Share with a group
    "At this week's M&M, we'll be reviewing one of my cases. I'll share the video to facilitate the discussion."
*Sharing permitted between individuals within the same hospital or healthcare organization.

The advantage of seamless and secure integration

Touch Surgery Enterprise flexibility fits into your existing workflow. Plus, a friendly user interface simplifies the experience for you and your teams.

In the OR:

Record any MIS case you want from any compatible scope

Control what gets recorded and add annotations intra-op

Protect the privacy of patients and staff with RedactOR™

In the cloud:

Access your library on the go with the mobile app

Analyze and share to discover new insights anytime, anywhere

Quickly download a video free of patient health information

Shaping the future of digital surgery

Listen to our panel discussion about the next frontier in surgery.

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Disclaimer: The Medtronic Touch Surgery™ Enterprise is not intended to direct surgery, or aid in diagnosis or treatment of a disease or condition.
† Singh, Pritam, et al. "A Randomized Controlled Study to Evaluate the Role of Video-based Coaching in Training Laparoscopic Skills." Annals of Surgery 261.5 (2015): 862-869.