Two fiducial markers. One efficient system.

Fiducial markers are essential for target localization and tracking during EUS biopsy procedures. The Beacon™ FNF needle is pre-loaded with two solid gold fiducial markers and enables easy target visualization with simple and accurate fiducial placement.

Each fiducial marker features a knurled (ridged) exterior design that helps reduce migration.([FOOTNOTE=RMD=1004 Rev 01 page 28 & TR-20015 rev 01 page 4,10.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])  The markers generate a clear echogenic signature and can be clearly visualized across imaging modalities, including computed tomography, X-ray, and kilovoltage.

Order Information
Order Code Product Description Unit of Measure Quantity
DSF-19-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNF Pre-loaded 19-Gauge Needle Each 1
DSF-22-01 Beacon™ EUS Delivery System with FNF Pre-loaded 22-Gauge Needle Each 1
F-19-05 Beacon™ EUS FNF Pre-loaded 19-Gauge Needle  Box 5
F-22-05 Beacon™ EUS FNF Pre-loaded 22-Gauge Needle  Box 5

Order Information

  • Caution: Federal law restricts this device to sale by or on the order of a licensed healthcare practitioner. Rx only.

  • Risk Information: Beacon™ fine needle pre-loaded fiducial system: Procedural risks associated with gastrointestinal endoscopy include, but are not limited to: perforation, hemorrhage, aspiration, hypotension, respiratory depression or arrest, cardiac arrhythmia or arrest, infection/fever, bacteremia, allergic reaction to medication, damage to blood vessels, nerve damage, tumor seeding of the needle tract, and acute pancreatitis. Those associated with EUS fiducial placement include, but are not limited to: improper fiducial placement, fiducial migration, infection/fever, allergic reaction, local inflammatory foreign body response, minor bleeds, pain, pancreatitis, and needle fracture requiring intervention for removal. Please refer to the product user manual for detailed information.