Barrx™ RFA Endoscopic Guidewires

Product Details

Barrx™ RFA endoscopic guidewires facilitate the exchange of the Barrx™ 360 express RFA balloon catheter, Barrx™ 360 RFA balloon catheter and the Barrx™ 360 soft sizing balloon.

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Size Length Quantity
GW-002B 0.038" (0.097 cm) x 260 cm 260 cm 1 Each
GW-005M 0.038” (0.097 cm) x 230 cm with depth markings 230 cm 1 Each

General Characteristics
Packaged individually
Supplied sterile for single use
Coated stainless steel core
Straight, flexible, distal tip

Barrx™ RFA Cleaning Caps

Product Details

Barrx™ RFA cleaning caps are designed to facilitate removal of ablated esophageal tissue in conjunction with the Barrx™ 360 express RFA balloon catheter and the Barrx™ 360 RFA balloon catheter. Each single-use cap mounts on the distal end of a flexible endoscope.

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Size Recommended Endoscope Diameter Compatible Olympus Endoscope Models  Quantity
CP-001A Barrx™ RFA Cleaning Caps

Small 8.8 mm to 9.7 mm GIF-160, GIF-Q180, GIF-Q160 Box of 10 
CP-002A Barrx™ RFA Cleaning Caps Medium 9.8 mm to 11.1 mm GIF-H180 Box of 10 

Barrx™ RFA Cart

Product Details

The Barrx™ RFA cart is custom-designed to accommodate Barrx™ energy generators, Barrx™ sizing balloons, ablation catheters, and accessories.

Order Information

Order Information
Order Code Description Quantity
CART-100 Barrx™ RFA Cart 1 Each

Physical Characteristics
Height 42.5"
Width 22.5" (34" w/trays)
Depth 23"
Net Weight 100 lbs.

Product Storage Capacity
Quantity 18-Barrx™ 360 RFA balloon catheter/360 express RFA balloon catheter
Quantity 12-Barrx™ RFA focal catheters or Barrx™ RFA endoscopic guidewire


Barrx™ accessories include endoscopic guidewires, cleaning caps, and a cart to hold ablation equipment.