Clinical decision making. Uncomplicated.

Caring for your patients. If you could make it easier, you would. With the Vital Sync™ monitoring and clinical decision support (CDS) solution, you can. Working side by side with clinicians like you, we created a customizable solution that makes your data smart, and actionable.

Integrating your device data to a single platform, patient information becomes more meaningful. That, paired with your intuition, delivered to you wherever you are, on virtually any device. Designed to help you make the right calls for your patients at the right time. And prevent the preventable.

The decisions you make every day have the power to save lives. Our solution can help you make better informed clinical decisions, create workflow efficiencies, and control costs.


The Vital Sync™ monitoring and clinical decision support solution integrates physiological information from your devices and transmits it to your hospital server. This single software platform can help you gain more value from your medical devices. So you can:

  • Take meaningful action with immediate access to the most timely data available
  • Enable adherence to established clinical protocols through use of clinical decision support apps
  • View patient physiological information remotely
  • Receive updates and alerts on any web-enabled device

Whether you’re across the room, across the hospital, or across town — you’ll always be at your patients’ side.

Our CDS solution consists of the following components that are customizable and configurable based upon your hospital’s needs.
Vital Sync™ Virtual Patient Monitoring Platform 2.6
Clinical Decision Support Apps
Vital Sync™ Early Warning Score App
Vital Sync™ Weaning Readiness and Spontaneous Breathing Trial (SBT) Monitoring App