High-definition hysteroscopy. For a high standard of care.

TruClear™ Elite hysteroscopes deliver next generation features to enhance your technique — and the patient experience. 

In your office or OR, you can have a hysteroscope that delivers:

  • High-definition images 
  • Continuous inflow and outflow
  • A long working channel for access to the entire uterus — including the cornua and fundal wall
  • An improved seal to minimize leakage

Meanwhile, your patients will appreciate refinements such as:

  • A single-insertion instrument that enables fewer procedural steps
  • An angled tip for easier insertion into the cervical canal and uterus

TruClear™ Elite Hysteroscope Setup Guide

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Easier insertion. Better resolution.

TruClear™ Elite hysteroscopes provide a minimally invasive solution for diagnosing and treating fibroids, polyps, and other intrauterine abnormalities.

Key product features include:

Two product sizes

  • TruClear™ Elite hysteroscope mini has a 6 mm outer diameter
  • TruClear™ Elite hysteroscope plus has a 7.25 mm diameter

Long working channel

  • Allows access to the entire uterus — including the cornua and fundal wall
  • Provides  ample length to work with most patient populations

Improved seal

  • Minimizes fluid leakage
  • Is disposable for convenient post-procedure cleaning

Integrated continuous inflow and outflow with suction

  • Optimizes visibility in the uterine cavity
  • Eliminates floating tissue in the uterus for a clear operative field

Angled tip

  • Enables easier insertion through the cervical canal and into the uterus

Rod lens optical system 

  • High-definition (HD) images
  • Creates new possibilities: the TruClear™ Elite hysteroscope mini has the smallest rod lens system currently available for mechanical tissue removal
Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
72204878 TruClear™ Elite Hysteroscope Mini Each 1
72204879 TruClear™ Elite Hysteroscope Plus Each 1
72205051 TruClear™ Elite Hysteroscope Seal Box 5

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In-Office Use

Simplicity For Your Office

The TruClear™ Elite hysteroscope mini delivers crisp images and incisionless tissue removal. It’s ideal for your office because it:

  • Allows you to complete procedures with little to no dilation
  • Enables quick and easy assembly and operation
  • Enhances the TruClear™ system office-based portfolio