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A clear path forward

The future of lung health is clear: It requires expanded access into the lungs, leading to more options for patients who previously may have had few. The superDimension™ innovative platform was specifically designed to take on the unique challenges the lung provides through a minimally invasive procedure. By approaching your needs in this way, we developed a unifying platform that goes beyond one procedure, one department.

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Clinical Education

superDimension™ Navigation System Procedure Training

Attend an immersive 1-day training event, perfect for physicians new to using the superDimension™ navigation system.

Program Development

Lung Health Program Outreach Portal

Find resources to help streamline your lung health program outreach efforts.

Clinical Solutions

Comprehensive Solutions for Thoracic Health

Our innovative technology and service solutions are designed to optimize outcomes for patients with lung cancer, esophageal cancer, and other diseases of the chest.