Making sense of complex ventilator data

In a critical care environment, clinicians can be overwhelmed by the amount of data produced from patient monitors, IV pumps, and the ventilator.

The trending software option for the Puritan Bennett™ 840 ventilator can help make sense of the complex data. It keeps track of more than 50 monitored parameters for up to 72 hours. Its seven configurations can be set up easily and customized to help clinicians assess the effectiveness of interventions over time.


The trending software option for the Puritan Bennett™ 840 ventilator may help clinicians assess the effectiveness of current therapy.

Trending software offers:

  • Monitored patient data/events for up to 72 hours
  • Up to 57 trended parameters in a drop-down menu
  • Seven presets including the most commonly trended parameters
  • Fast scrolling cursor for quick navigation
  • Graphical and tabular displays
  • Automatic and manually placed event markers
    • Up to 24 events recorded automatically when mode/settings are changed
    • Menu of 15 manual events to mark activities (e.g., suctioning or weaning)

The trending software option can display the most recent 500 settings changes in a 72-hour period.

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
10020408 Trending Software Option Each 1
Monitored Parameter Symbol
Dynamic compliance CDYN
PAV™*-based lung compliance CPAV
Static lung compliance CSTAT
PAV™*-based lung elastance EPAV
End expiratory flow EEF
Patient circuit leak LEAK
Percent leak %Leak
Peak expiratory flow PEF
Peak spontaneous flow rate PSF
Total respiratory rate fTOT
I:E ratio I:E
Negative inspiratory force NIF
Oxygen percentage O2%
Occlusion pressure P0.1
End expiratory pressure PEEP
Intrinsic PEEP PEEPI
PAV™*-based intrinsic PEEP PEEPIPAV
Mean circuit pressure PMEAN
Peak circuit pressure PPEAK
Plateau pressure PPL
Spontaneous rapid shallow breathing index f/VT
Dynamic resistance RDYN
PAV™*-based patient resistance RPAV
Static airway resistance RSTAT
PAV™*-based total airway resistance RTOT
Spontaneous inspiratory time TI SPONT
Spontaneous inspiratory time ratio TI/TTOT
Vital capacity VC
Exhaled minute volume VE TOT
Exhaled spontaneous minute volume VE SPONT
Volume leak VLEAK
Exhaled tidal volume VTE
Exhaled spontaneous tidal volume VTE SPONT
Exhaled mandatory tidal volume VTE MAND
Inspired tidal volume VTI or VTL when Puritan Bennett™ leak compensation software is enabled
Total work of breathing WOBTOT
Ventilator Setting Symbol
Expiratory sensitivity [ESENS]
Respiratory sensitivity [f]
Peak inspiratory flow [V̇MAX]
I:E ratio [I:E]
Oxygen percentage [O2%]
Percent support (TC or PA mode) [% Supp]
Inspiratory pressure [PI]
Pressure support level [PSUPP]
Rise time % Rise-time-percent
Flow sensitivity [V̇SENS]
Pressure sensitivity [PSENS]
PEEP high time [TH]
TH:TL ratio [TH:TL]
Inspiratory time [TI]
PEEP low time [TL]
Tidal volume (VC, VC+) [VT]
Volume support level (VS) [VT SUPP]

Order Information

  • †Viewing of all 57 parameters requires installation of the VV+, PAV+™, Respiratory Mechanics, and Bi-Level software options for the Puritan Bennett™ 840 ventilator.

  • *Proportional Assist and PAV are registered trademarks of The University of Manitoba, Canada. Used under license.