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Evaluate unexplained GI motility disorders

The SmartPill™ motility testing system features an ingestible capsule that measures pressure, pH, transit time and temperature as it passes through the entire gastrointestinal tract. The sensor-based capsule allows for GI functional assessment with a single test and provides valuable diagnostic information, including gastric emptying time, colonic transit time, whole gut transit time and pressure patterns from the antrum and duodenum.   

The SmartPill™ motility testing system calculates colonic transit time for the evaluation of colonic transit in patients with chronic constipation and differentiation of slow and normal transit constipation. The system also measures combined small and large bowel transit time, which is used as a surrogate measure of colonic transit in patients with chronic constipation when colonic transit time alone cannot be determined.

  • The only motility test that provides a complete transit profile of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Increased sensitivity compared to Gastric Emptying Scintigraphy (GES) and Radio Opaque Markers (ROM)([FOOTNOTE=Kuo, et al. Comparison of gastric emptying of a nondigestible capsule to a radio-labelled meal in healthy and gastroparetic subjects. Aliment Pharmacol Ther. 2008;27:186-196.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Ability to localize disease to specific regions of the GI tract in the presence of overlapping motility symptoms([FOOTNOTE=Rao, et al. Evaluation of gastrointestinal transit in clinical practice: Position paper of the American and European Neurogastroenterology and Motility Societies. Neurogastroenterol Motil. 2011;23(1):8-23.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Standardized motility testing process with benchmarked results1


Innovative motility testing

The SmartPill™ motility testing system localizes abnormalities in specific areas of the GI tract in the presence of overlapping motility symptoms. This advanced system allows you to understand the root cause of your patients' motility disorders and helps you develop appropriate therapy plans. With user-friendly SmartPill™ software, analyzing study results is simple and convenient.

The SmartPill™ motility capsule detected a generalized motility disorder in 51% of patients and influenced management in 30% of patients with lower GI disorders and 88% of patients with upper GI disorders.

  • Reduces testing by replacing three tests([FOOTNOTE=Moshiree B. Case Presentation Illustrating Use of Wireless Motility Capsule. 2010 Joint International Neurogastroenterology and Motility Conference.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • Whole gut motility profile eliminates the need for segmental transit studies3
  • Can replace GES, ROM, and Whole Gut Scintigraphy3
  • Can reduce the cost of separate procedures and associated facility fees by 50%