Medtronic offers flexible OEM solutions that can be integrated into a broad range of multiparameter monitoring and medical device host systems. Microstream™ technology can be deployed in virtually all clinical environments for use with intubated and nonintubated neonate to adult patient populations. 


An inherent property of CO2 is its absorption of infrared radiation at a distinct wavelength. Microstream™ technology uses Molecular Correlation Spectroscopy™ technology to help achieve accurate parameter measurements and clear, crisp waveforms, unaffected by the presence of other gases (i.e., O2, N2O, He, or inhaled anesthetics).

Microstream™ technology offers OEM partners:

  • Plug-and-play technology — turn on monitor, attach sample line, and begin monitoring
  • No individual patient calibration or zero required
  • Automatic adjustment for changes in ambient temperature; not impacted by temperature fluctuations
  • Low flow 50-mL/minute sample rate, engineered for effectiveness with virtually all patient types and necessary for neonatal sampling
  • 0.2-micron sterilizing-grade filter designed to reduce risk of biohazard contamination of the monitor

With Microstream™ technology, OEM partners also have the ability to integrate Smart Capnography™ algorithms into monitoring platforms.  These algorithms are designed to help reduce nuisance alarms and simplify the use of capnography monitoring. The algorithms include: 

  • Smart Breath Detection™ algorithm (SBD): proprietary filter and pattern recognition algorithm screens out low-amplitude “non-breath” etCO2 excursions like snoring, talking, or crying. 
  • Smart Alarm for Respiratory Analysis™ algorithm (SARA): functioning in combination with the SBD algorithm, SARA manages breath-to-breath variability. It is engineered to reduce the number of nuisance respiratory alarms while providing a comprehensive picture of respiratory status. 
  • Apnea-Sat Alert™ algorithm (ASA): provides key insights through summary reports of recurring apnea events per hour as well as oxygen desaturations.
  • Integrated Pulmonary Index™ algorithm (IPI): proprietary IPI combines four real-time measures — etCO2, SpO2, respiratory rate, and pulse rate — to provide an inclusive assessment of respiratory status in a single number.