Detection You Can Trust.
Backed By A Promise.

Use the Situate™ system for all your cases — and commit to our performance pledge — and we’ll share the risk with you.† That means, in the event of retained surgical sponges (RSS) due to the Situate™ system’s nonperformance, participating customers will be eligible for:

Situate™ Detection System Performance Pledge Components

Remove the Risks of Retained Sponges

The Situate™ detection system is about overcoming obstacles that stand in the way of efficiency and safety. With the Situate™ system and our performance pledge program, you can reduce or may eliminate:

    • Retained surgical sponges1
    • Unproductive OR time1
    • Unreimbursed procedures
    • Malpractice settlements related to retained sponges


Retained Sponges Cost Lives and Money.
Don't Take the Risk.

Let’s work together to eliminate retained surgical sponges (RSS)

Improving outcomes means protecting patients from dangers like retained surgical sponges (RSS). Even a single missed sponge can have serious clinical and economic implications.

Clinical Challenges

88% of retained surgical items (RSIs) occur when the count is thought to be correct2

69% of RSIs are surgical sponges2

33% of the time X-rays fail to detect retained sponges3

11-35% is the mortality rate associated with RSIs4

Financial Effects:

The ballpark price tag for a single miscount1,5-8: ~$580,000