Indications for use


The multi-functional electrosurgical knife has been designed to be used with flexible endoscopes to cut tissue using high frequency current within the digestive tract.


  1. Patients with high anesthetic risk
  2. Patients who are unable to tolerate the endoscopic examination
  3. Patients with cardiac pacemakers
  4. Patients with severe compromise of their vitals including heart, lungs, and kidneys
  5. Patients with severe anemia or infection or patients with other high risks
  6. Patients who are taking anticoagulant or anti platelet agents or patients with coagulation disorders
  7. Patients with non-lifting signs, namely, injection of normal saline into the submucosa of the lesion base cannot result in local uplift

Potential complications

  • Bleeding 
  • Perforation 
  • Stenosis 
  • Transient bacteremia 
  • Pneumothorax