Indications for use

Shiley™ tracheostomy tubes are intended for use in providing tracheal access for airway management. The primary user is the caregiver in a clinical environment, such as the critical care units of a hospital, non-critical care units of a hospital, long term care facilities, and home care. Patients in the home care environment should be carefully instructed by a home health care provider in the proper use and handling of the tracheostomy tube and accessory products. The tracheostomy tube and obturator are sterile, single patient-use medical devices not intended to be reprocessed (cleaned, disinfected/sterilized) and used on another patient. Duration of use should not exceed twenty-nine (29) days. Please refer to the product instructions for use (IFU) for detailed usage and troubleshooting instructions.

For further information, please contact your Medtronic representative or reference the product IFU.