Facilitates breathing through fenestration

Shiley™ tracheostomy tube caps and plugs close the proximal end of fenestrated tubes to enable breathing through the fenestration and upper airway.


  • Latex-free
  • Shiley™ decannulation plug (DCP) closes proximal end of FEN and CFN
  • Shiley™ decannulation plug disposable (DDCP) closes proximal end of DCFS, DCFN and DFEN
  • White 15 mm Shiley™ cap (CAP) attaches to Shiley inner cannula fenestrated with green 15 mm connector and/or Shiley™ pediatric tracheostomy tubes
Order Information
Order Code Description Size For Use With Unit of Measure Quantity
4DCP Shiley™ Decannulation Plug 4 4DFEN,4DCFN Box 10
6DCP Shiley™ Decannulation Plug 6 6DFEN,6DCFN Box 10
8DCP Shiley™ Decannulation Plug 8 8DFEN,8DCFN Box 10
10DCP Shiley™ Decannulation Plug 10 10DFEN,10DCFN Box 10
DDCP Shiley™ Decannulation Plug, Disposable N/A Any size DCFS, DCFN or DFEN tracheostomy tube Box 10
CAP Shiley™ Cap N/A Any size CFN or FEN tracheostomy tube Box 10
Note to patients: All the devices shown here are prescription products and must be obtained from a licensed provider or physician. Patients cannot purchase directly from Medtronic.

Order Information