One instrument. Five functions. Countless benefits

In your hands, our energy solutions have been setting the standard of patient care for nearly 50 years. But the challenges of today’s healthcare system demand we go further — with technologies that bring even greater efficiency to procedures.

That’s why we created the LigaSure™ retractable L-hook laparoscopic instrument. The only device of its kind, it delivers the benefits of([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE00032739 Rev A, LigaSure™ Hook (LF5637, LF5644) validation surgeon evaluation report: independent surgeon feedback collected during Medtronic-sponsored cadaver and porcine lab conducted in Houston, Texas. February 2016.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]):

  • Precise Valleylab™ monopolar dissection([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE00041188, Validation marketing claims: independent surgeon feedback collected during Medtronic-sponsored cadaver and porcine labs. October 2015 and February 2016.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
  • One-step LigaSure™ vessel sealing
  • Atraumatic grasping1 
  • Cold cutting
  • Maryland-style blunt dissection

And that’s why the LigaSure™ L-hook instrument:

  • Improves procedural flow2† and increases OR efficiency2‡
  • Makes fewer instrument exchanges possible2‡
  • May reduce the need for2
    • an additional grasper
    • additional cold scissorsΩ
    • additional dissecting instruments¥
    • additional monopolar laparoscopic electrodes£


Easy to use

Surgeons who tested the instrument say the actions to grasp, seal, cut, deploy, and retract the Valleylab™ monopolar L-hook are simple and intuitive.1

Simply press a lever on the handle to deploy the L-hook — and deliver the precision of Valleylab™ monopolar dissection. When you’re ready to switch back to the Maryland jaws, just press the lever to retract the L-hook.([FOOTNOTE=LigaSure™ Retractable L-Hook Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider IFU [package insert]. Minneapolis, MN: Medtronic, 2016.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

The speed of one-step vessel sealing

The Maryland-style jaws of the LigaSure™ retractable L-hook instrument: 

  • Deliver improved access to targeted tissues compared to straight jaw devices — even in tight spaces2£ 
  • Provide the ability to follow the curvature of the uterus/stomach2
  • Allow for easy skeletonization of vessels2

And you get the speed and reliable performance of LigaSure™ vessel sealing technology.

Precise dissection at your fingertips

The LigaSure™ retractable L-hook instrument:

  • Provides precise, versatile, and effective energy dissection2
  • Provides the ability to create an otomy (gastrotomy and enterotomy)3

And the L-hook is there when you need it, and out of the way when you don’t. 

We’re redefining versatility. So you can keep your focus on the surgical site and protect patients from the risks of multiple instrument exchanges.([FOOTNOTE=Tebala G. Three-port laparoscopic cholecystectomy by harmonic dissection without cystic duct and artery clipping. Am J Surg. 2006;191:718-720.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])

Because the LigaSure™ retractable L-hook instrument combines the functionality of five devices in one. And gives you the reliable performance of both LigaSure™ technology([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE00059404 Rev A, Market research – renal artery burst pressure comparison of LigaSure™ retractable L-hook (LF56XX) versus Harmonic Ace™*+7 and Olympus Thunderbeat™* using the ForceTriad™ energy platform and Valleylab™ FT10 energy platform on porcine renal arteries. Aug. 16–18, 2016, Aug. 29–Sept. 1, 2016.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=]) and Valleylab™ monopolar dissection.

Order Information
Order Code Description Unit of Measure Quantity
LF5637 LigaSure™ Retractable L-hook Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider, 37 cm Case 6
LF5644 LigaSure™ Retractable L-hook Laparoscopic Sealer/Divider, 44 cm Case 6
Physical Characteristics & Generator Compatibility([FOOTNOTE=Based on internal test report #RE00059361_A, Hook jaw comparison project hook LF56XX. 2016.],[ANCHOR=],[LINK=])
Length 37 cm / 44 cm
Rotation 315 degrees
Jaw Design Maryland jaw
Jaw Aperture 11.4 mm
Seal Plate Length 20 mm
Cut Length 18.5 mm
Generator Compatibility Valleylab™ FT10 Energy Platform, ForceTriad™ Energy Platform
General Characteristics
Sterile, Single Use
Hand Switching

Order Information

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Across the range of products and procedures, LigaSure™ technology delivers a unique combination of pressure and energy to create a consistent seal with each application.

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  • †29 out of 29 surgeons evaluated agreed

  • ‡27 out of 29 surgeons evaluated agreed

  • €25 out of 29 surgeons evaluated agreed

  • Ω24 out of 29 surgeons evaluated agreed

  • ¥26 out of 29 surgeons evaluated agreed

  • £28 out of 29 surgeons evaluated agreed