Establishing a Knowledgeable Capnography Team in the Emergency Environment

One of the most important elements of a successful capnography implementation is product and clinical education. The Microstream™ Technology Education Pathway was developed to provide a specific, robust curriculum for clinicians to expand their knowledge of capnography monitoring. Medtronic offers access to a free, online capnography course curriculum for the emergency department/resuscitation team. On-site training will be coordinated through your Medtronic Sales Representative.

Get started now by providing the clinical implementation team to a capnography curriculum designed specifically for emergency/resuscitation clinicians. Through Professional Affairs and Continuing Education, clinicians who complete all courses in the emergency environment curriculum will receive a completion certificate. Continuing education credits for nurses and respiratory therapists are available for some courses in the curriculum.

We encourage you to engage your colleagues across the hospital to learn more about capnography. Capnography courses are available by area of care, including pre-hospital/EMS, critical care, general care floor, and procedural sedation.