About Our Support Services

Software Upgrades

Medtronic is dedicated to supporting customers well beyond the initial point of sale. Software upgrade solutions are regularly created to enhance the functionality of our products. When a new upgrade is released and approved by Health Canada, as required, the Covidien Technical Service Representatives (Tech Rep) team creates an action plan and communicates with you to ensure that you enjoy the enhanced functionality of your equipment.

Regular Preventive Maintenance (PM)

When it comes to ventilators, a patient's life is on the line. Our team of highly trained Covidien Tech Reps know Covidien equipment better than anyone.

Through our preventive maintenance services, our team helps keep Covidien equipment in proper working order, reducing the risks associated with inoperable or improperly maintained life-support equipment. Covidien also helps protect capital investments, stabilize a facility’s budget for maintenance as well as helping facilities avoid the high costs and clinical impact of equipment downtime. Best-in-class service means more uptime for more efficient patient care.

As the manufacturer and distributor of Puritan Bennett™ products, we are uniquely positioned to provide thorough and comprehensive preventive maintenance (PM) services. Our experts can handle all routine maintenance, critical software updates and equipment repairs using genuine Puritan Bennett™ parts and test equipment. Covidien Technical Service Representatives will gladly communicate with you to schedule PM services in keeping with the manufacturer-recommended guidelines with convenient scheduling for you.

Coming Soon: Enhanced Communication Channel

Created to serve as an enhanced channel of communication between Medtronic and its customers, the Covidien Premium Care website will feature easy-to-find contact information, along with news alerts, announcements and service scheduling. It will also offer customers access to a personalized dashboard, which will provide a clear view of their vent fleet and up-to-date service. We will encourage our customers to use this website as an efficient tool to help reduce risks associated with inoperable or improperly maintained life-support equipment; to manage a facility’s maintenance budget; and to help avoiding the high cost and clinical impact of equipment downtime.

Personalized Customer Care

Covidien Tech Reps take pride in the personal relationship they develop with customers. Our Tech Reps get to know an organization and its needs. In turn, we offer customized solutions that meet the specific goals of each facility’s respiratory care department.

Medtronic offers plans for individual devices or for the care of an entire fleet of Puritan Bennett™ ventilators. At Medtronic, we realize there is never a one-size-fits-all solution in healthcare. That’s why we offer a customized choice of service plans for your ventilators. With a comprehensive service plan in place, you can rest assured knowing that critical life-support equipment is in the hands of specialists who focus on Covidien products.

Proficient Support

Just as Covidien devices are known for reliability, the Covidien Technical Service organization is known for delivering reliable service. Medtronic offers one of the largest and most experienced technical service organizations in the industry. A hallmark of the Covidien Technical Service organization is the accessibility of the Tech Reps. The Tech Reps are quick to respond, friendly and professional.