Valleylab™ energy platforms are a valuable investment, deserving the best in preventative maintenance and protection. You can maximize your hospital’s investment in capital equipment by minimizing equipment downtime.

Our advanced four-day service seminar gives biomedical service technicians and clinical engineers advanced training to help ensure your team has the crucial skills to maintain and care for your Valleylab™ FT10 and Force FX™-C energy platforms.

Valleylab™ Energy Platforms Two-Day Service Seminar Info Sheet

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Service Seminar Curriculum

Our Service Seminars team can ensure that your team is prepared to maintain and care for your energy platforms. There are two aspects of the training which are outlined below including essential energy information as well as product specific training.

For each of the energy platforms you’ll learn:

  • Generator familiarization
  • Touchscreen functions
  • Updating generator software
  • Disassembly
  • Required test equipment
  • Calibration procedure
  • Output checks
  • PM requirements
  • Typical error messages and remedies
  • Fault isolation lab

This seminar includes an intensive review of essential energy information including:

  • Principles of electrosurgery
  • Electrosurgery basics
  • Tissue response technology
  • Power efficiency rating and crest factor
  • Types of electrosurgical generators
  • Patient return electrodes