Airway Management

Tracheostomy tubes, endotracheal tubes, McGRATH™ MAC laryngoscopes
800-255-6774, option 1, option 1
Monday–Friday: 8am–6pm CST
*On-call support available after hours.


Gastrointestinal & Hepatology

800-448-3644, option 3
Monday–Friday: 6am–9pm CST
Saturday–Sunday: 8am–4pm CST


Interventional Lung Solutions

ILLUMISITE™ platform, superDimension™ navigation system
Monday–Friday: 7am–5pm CST

Patient Monitoring Technical Support

RespArray™ patient monitor, Nellcor™ pulse oximetry, Microstream™ capnography, BIS™ brain monitoring, INVOS™ cerebral/somatic oximetry, temperature management support
800-255-6774, Option 1, Option 2
Monday-Friday: 6:30am–4:30pm MT

HealthCast™ support
Vital Sync™ system and EMR connect
800-255-6774 Option 6
Monday-Friday 6:30am-4:30pm MT for non-urgent issues
*On call support available after hours for high priority issues.

BioButton® multi-parameter wearable support
800-255-6774 Option 1, Option 3
Monday-Friday 6:30am-4:30pm MT

Zephyr™ performance systems support
800-255-6774 Option 6
Monday-Friday 6:30am-4:30pm MT

Renal Care

Carpediem™ system
800-255-6774, option 5
Opt. 1: Renal care technical support/service scheduling
Monday–Friday: 8am–6pm CST


Surgical Innovations

800-962-9888, option 1
Opt. 3: TruClear™ systems
Opt. 5: Energy platforms and Situate™ systems
Opt. 6: VNUS™/TPUMP™ devices
Opt. 7: Unsure of department
Monday–Friday: 7am–5:30pm CST

800-255-6774, option 2
Opt. 1: Signia™ staplers
Opt. 2: Sonicision™ devices
Opt. 3: Valleylab™ energy platforms/electrosurgical generators
Opt. 4: EleVision™ systems
Monday–Friday: 8am–6pm CST
*On-call support available after hours.


Puritan Bennett™ and Newport™ ventilators

Request ventilation support

Opt. 3: Ventilation service agreements & service seminars training
Opt. 4: Ventilation technical support & service scheduling
Monday–Friday: 8am–6pm CST
*On-call support available after hours.

Service agreements:
Service seminars:
Technical support/service:
Clinical support:

Puritan Bennett™ 560 Ventilator Technical Support

Medtronic is unfortunately unable to provide technical support to organizations and institutions using the Puritan Bennett™ 560 (PB560)  design specifications to build new ventilators. We are unable to respond individually to technical questions from organizations that have downloaded the plans, given the time limitations and the increased demands on our team as we ramp up Medtronic ventilator production. You can find additional clarifications and responses from our engineers to frequently asked questions on this page.