Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the plastic supposed to look like after the bag is separated?
    The bag should be closed when completely cinched. There will likely be remaining plastic on the flexible metal ring.
  • When I need to cut the string, what is the right position for the bag and plunger?
    The bag should be completely detached from the metal ring with one to two inches of exposed suture between the tip of the instrument and the bag. Next, the plunger should be pulled away from the instrument so that the flexible metal ring is retracted completely into the shaft of the instrument. Then, the instrument shaft can be pulled up until the neck of the bag reaches the body surface. After the pouch has been inspected for air and any remaining air is removed, the purse string can be cut.
  • What is the diameter of the opening of the Endo Catch™ bags in centimeters?
    The bag of the Endo Catch™ Gold mouth diameter is 6.35 cm and the bag of the Endo Catch™ II mouth diameter is 12.7 cm.
  • How much volume can Endo Catch™ bags hold in milliliters?
    The bag of the Endo Catch™ Gold can hold 220 ml and the bag of the Endo Catch™ II can hold 1000 ml.

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