Frequently Asked Questions

  • My surgeon partially forms the clip then pulls the clip out of the jaws during cholangiography. When doing so, the handle does not automatically return to the relaxed position. How can this be solved?
    The ratcheting mechanism requires a full handle stroke in order to return to the relaxed position. Completing the stroke will allow the handle to return to the relaxed position and fire another clip.
  • Can blunt dissection be performed at any time during instrument use?
    Blunt dissection can be performed at any time a clip is not in the jaws. Additionally, blunt dissection can be performed with a clip in the jaws if Clip Logic™ is engaged. Clip Logic™ is engaged at any point of the clip loading sequence until the first click is heard (see above); after this click is heard, Clip Logic™ is disengaged and blunt dissection should not be performed. Of note, once Clip Logic™ is disengaged, the clip is at the beginning stage of being formed, so the surgeon is essentially “committed” to clip closure. Lastly, like any surgical instrument, excessive force can cause the clip applier to malfunction, so tissue manipulation should be performed sparingly.
  • Can the battery in the Endo Clip™ III be removed?
  • Can the instrument be re-sterilized?
  • What type of battery is in the instrument?
    This device contains one CR2032 battery which is not based on mercury, lead, or cadmium technologies. The battery used in this product is in compliance with EU Directive 91/157/eec, EU Directive 93/86/EEC, and EU Directive 98/101/EEC. Consult local regulations concerning disposal; the battery may be disposed of as non-hazardous waste if fully or mostly discharged.

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