Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know when the Premium Surgiclip II™ is empty?

    A yellow alert indicator will appear in the “window” at the distal end of the Premium Surgiclip™ and Premium Surgiclip II™ indicating that 5 clips remain (the Premium Surgiclip II™ features a clear window the entire length of the shaft, which allows visibility to all clips remaining). For both the Premium Surgiclip™ and the Premium Surgiclip II™, once the final clip has been fired, a safety interlock feature prevents the handles from being squeezed, thus preventing the empty jaw from being closed on tissue.

  • What is the ratchet switch for on the Premium Surgiclip II™?

    The ratchet switch on the Premium Surgiclip II™ allows the user to select the preferred mode of clip closure and tactile feedback. The user can select either a ratcheted or a smooth closure.

  • What sizes of Premium Surgiclip II™ are available?

    The Premium Surgiclip II™ is available in a Medium clip size with an instrument length of 9.75" or 11.5".

  • What are the Premium Surgiclip II™ clips made of?

    The clips are titanium.

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